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KUARA[0.0.8].zip 183 MB


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Awesome Game, incredible experience...download and see for yourself! 

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Thank you!!!  s2 s2 s2

As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

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Hey, awesome. I'll release an update soon... fixing bugs and adding new stuff. So, thanks for playing!

Amazing, I loved it, i already can see me doing some speedruns in the nexts updates.

Thanks \o/ 

Leon tudo é muito incrivel, a dediação e o carinho que você teve com cada detalhe está nitido amigo, eu te admiro pra caralho, o jogo funciona muito bem, os filhos são agradaveis e a página tá MARAVILHOSA

sucesso lindão <3  

Você é massa demais pão tmj mlk breibow e obrigado pelas palavras !


It looks and works great!! Also, from what I've been following you made it in a couple months what a team would make in a year. Well done!!

you're amazing man, thank you so much !

Amazing work in all the possible ways.

From the page until the polishment it seems so well worked I couldn't say it is only on a demo stage!

The game is awesome, the mechanics are totally well worked, plus the visual is stunning!

Looking forward for more updates <3

ow man, thank you !

E essa página tá uma dlç mt linda

Muito massa, mano! Parabéns! Muito bem polido. A música do menu me deixou surpreso hahaha. Foi você mesmo que fez no Music Maker? Muito bacana! ;D

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Valeu galera, falta  coisa demais ainda pra polir mas estamos tentando hahaha !

Sim Music Maker, é bom demais ! 

LEVA PRO PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing leon! Keep up the good work! 

EDIT: forgot to metion, im osk haha


Hey, thanks man !


Awesome my8! keep it up!

Thanks !


One of the most original TPS being made. I accompany the development on Twitter.
The game already is in an incredible shape, looking forward to seeing more in updates.


oh... thank you so much !